GST Enabled

Wehave Paperless Society Solution, If you have Computer in your institution/Organizations, it does not mean that your setup is computerized. Even if any institution /organizations have Computers; they are working manually because they do not have computerized software solutions. That means you are not really using your computer in a positive way because nowadays all banks are giving the high-tech facilities to their customers then why you are not.



Under booking, menu user can handle various types of GR like To Pay, Paid & To Be Billed with multiple services like Lorry (Trucks), Trains and Cargos. User can maintains the party wise rate with multiple periods on depends on booking station to destination station with packets and weights. STech also allow the interface with Financial Accounting system therefore all GR entry will reflect in Accounts section it self with out need to double side entry.

Reports of the Booking in following criteria’s
  • Entry operator wise check list with terminal name and entry date
  • Service wise
  • Consignor wise
  • Consignee wise
  • Billing Party wise
  • Booking Branch wise
  • Destination Branch wise
  • Rate wise
  • Booking Goods wise
  • Consignor, Consignee, Service, Booking Branch etc wise
  • O/s Booking like Bill not made, Payment not received


  • Multiple Dispatch Type Option like Normal, Urgent, VIP etc
  • Multiple Booking can be dispatched under a single Dispatch
  • Service control for same dispatched
  • Destination or Root controls for dispatched
  • Freight, Labor, Other, Advance, TDS etc concepts already implemented
  • Dispatched time there is a option for single party Bookings will be allowed
  • Root expenses controls
  • Drivers expenses controls
  • Lorry / Trains / Air Craft expenses controls
  • Loading / Unloading expenses controls
  • Shortage controlling
  • Shortage debiting to driver accounts it self.
  • Dispatched can be print as CHALLAN
  • Dispatched register
  • Service wise, Goods wise, Destination wise, Party wise
  • Service wise expenses controls like Lorry, Train and Air Craft
  • Loading / Unloading expenses controls
  • Root analysis
  • Expenses controls with root analysis
  • Driver Expenses Summary (DES)
  • Partially Loading / Unloading register in between the Root.


  • Party wise Challan Submission
  • Challan submission Feed back
  • Service wise Challan submission register


  • Single Bill can be possible for multiple services
  • System will fetch the new rate from the rate slab master for the billing and as well update the booking option implemented.
  • Billing party checking control implemented
  • System checks the booking mode at the time of billing
  • Billing possible for partially weights or packets of the Booking.
  • Bill Printing
  • Auto Shortage billing according.
  • Bills printing
  • Bills Register (Party, Vehicle, date wise)
    • Payment received
    • Not received
    • No Effect
    • All
    • Daily summary
    • Monthly summary


  • Party wise Bill Submission
  • Bill Submission Feed back
  • Service wise Bill submission register
  • Submission wide payment records.


  • Vendor bill controls the rate of GR and check the duplicate payment of GR.


  • Payment received against Booking
  • Payment received against Bills & passed rate and weight wise control
  • On A/c. payment received
  • On A/c. payment adjustments
  • TDS, Deductions provision
  • On Line Financial Entries generation
  • On Line Party Ledger Creation
  • Payment Mode by Cash or Cheque with complete details of Cheque.

Repair & Maintenance is a good feature to maintain the records for you stock, vehicles and purchase vendor, it can be analysis the rates, kilometers and drivers expenditure. It is also having the records for particulars parts of the existing vehicle i.e. user can track the record for particular type like how many kilometers already run in how many vehicles and what will be the costing of this type for a kilometer etc.


  • Focus on due services as well as system will start.
  • Maintenance due on KM and Days wise frequency reports like
    • Service due
    • Oil change due
    • Fitness due
  • Maintenance track controlling
  • Replacement of part tracking
  • Root expenditure tracking
  • Driver root expenditure tracking
  • Suppliers tracking
  • Old parts controlling
  • Maintenance Due Register
  • Oil Change due Register
  • Service due reports e.g. service wise, lorry wise and date wise.
  • Stock effect as well as service will performed
  • Complete records for lorry parts e.g. Tires, Filters, Oil etc.
  • Expensive Drivers
  • Expensive Lorry / Tanker
  • Lorry / Tanker Maintenance wise ledger reports
  • Auto Stock effect on service will be performed.
  • Direct Services
  • Job card preparation with updates


  • Insurance Master
  • Lorry / Tanker Insurance Mapping
  • Premium Due Register
  • Insurance Claim Letters


  • Receipt
  • Payment
  • Journal Voucher
  • Party Adjustment Vouchers


  • Provision for all vouchers to link with Booking, Service like Lorry No, Train No. and Air Craft (AWB No.)
  • Dual entries creation it self.
  • Finalization of the accounts
  • Auditors reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Receipt & Payment during the year
  • Balance Sheet
  • Annexure of the Balance Sheet
  • Sundry Creditors
  • Sundry Debtors

Root Analysis

Root Analysis is one the Good product the analysis of Lorry and Drivers therefore you can track which one of the best for less expenses driver and less service required of the lorry nutshell we can say this product is very useful to control you root un-wanted expenditure and you can trace out which expense has spent without needs. Also you can track the Trip of the lorry according to the root wise of driver wise and also lorry wise therefore you can track which lorry has visited in which city no of times in particular period.

So there is very statistical and non-statistical reports on your demand will create by the software.

Technology Used
Front End VB.Net
RDBMS SQL Server 2008
Reporting Tools Crystal Report 11
Edition Desktop Edition with multiuser and multilocation connectivity